My story with food begins with my family. I grew up in New Jersey and watched my mom bread piles of chicken cutlets while dancing to salsa music, as the familiar scent of garlic filled the kitchen. Every night we ate dinner at the table and talked about our day. It was our safe place and our sacred time.

While obtaining my BA from The University of Delaware, I began to recreate those special moments. I would make food for my roommates and co-workers, and loved every minute of it. But what I enjoyed most was bringing people around the table.

After I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Culinary Arts degree, I realized that I wanted to serve families. Taking a cue from my entrepreneurial father, I turned a passion for what I love into a career. He helped me to set up my business and in 2013 “Bianca’s Personal Chef Service” was born.

My father passed away a year later and I strive every day to make him proud. Because of his love and support, I’m able to help families (like yours) create lifelong memories around your very own table. Please have a seat, and let me serve you.

I hold a Food Safety Management certification and have been a member of the United States Personal Chef Association since 2013.

As I have told you in the past you are my first priority. When I started my practice after the Army, my father helped me financially as well. I have no doubt you will be a financial & business success. I am delighted to help. Never hesitate to ask me for anything. It will be my pleasure.

Love, Dad