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Group Cooking Classes

Let’s have some fun, learn something new and bring smiles to the dinner table.

Holiday Meals & Catering -Greenery

Enhance your friend and family gatherings around the table by learning new recipes, tips and tricks on your own! Learning in your own home means that you can replicate the techniques and dishes every time. Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience cooking tasty, chef proven recipes with guidance from Chef Bianca. Let’s share some laughs, food, and maybe even a glass of wine…

These classes are for:

Home chefs that want to learn professional chef secrets to add new skills and dishes to their routine.

Foodies who want to learn how to cook better or have no cooking experience at all

Anyone who loves to entertain and wants to take their party menus to the next level.

A new spin on a traditional birthday party, girl’s night or date night with other couples

Pinners who want to finally turn their favorite Pinterest recipes into a reality

Learn Something New

High angle view of trio cooking a meal with tomatoes, cheese, asparagus, fruit and other ingredients on kitchen counter and stove

A group cooking class can be a great way to do something different, add to your recipe repertoire all without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Customizable group cooking classes start at $75 per person (minimum 3 people) + the cost of groceries.

Sample menu:

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Gather and Enjoy

Appreciate the ability to enjoy good food, quality conversation

and life's sweetest moments!

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