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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Grab your starters, sides, and desserts for your holiday meal!

Holiday Meals & Catering -Greenery

Thankfully, many of you will get to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends this year. And that's why we're determined to bring the same indulgent holiday starters, sides, and desserts to your table, allowing you time to invest in relationships and create new memories through the food you serve.

Make this holiday hassle-free with gourmet sides delivered right to your home.

We have a limited number of spots, so reserve your Christmas sides no later than Thursday, December 16th. Please note: our holiday starters, sides, and dessert orders require a minimum order for 4-6 people.

Get a Complimentary Turkey Breast when you book a holiday order of $300 or more. Delivery fees apply.

Reservations will close as soon as we fill all our spots, so reserve your spot no later than Thursday, December 16th by midnight for Christmas.

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Select your favorite starters, sides, and desserts from the holiday menu to customize your holiday meal.

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Book a holiday order of $300 or more with us and get a complimentary turkey breast to share with your friends or family.

Sit back and relax at your next holiday party.

Family, friends and conversation are life’s most important things, and there is no better time like the holidays for you to enjoy them.

Whether feeding picky eaters or trying something new, we can help you plan a full holiday meal that will be ready for you to serve in minutes!

You gather the people, and we will help you by providing you with full-service holiday catering for your upcoming holiday party or festivities.

Complete the contact form on this page to book your holiday meal or catering services.

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