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Move over tequila, amazing foods are stealing the show for Cinco De Mayo!  Many people think about the libations when talking about Cinco De Mayo, but you cannot have a great celebration without mouth-watering dishes.  Here are a few dishes you should consider adding to your Cinco De Mayo menu.


No time, no problem! Tacos are an easy, customizable choice that will keep you on budget when planning your menu.  Soft or hard, chicken or fish, this dish can go with anything and your guests will be excited to build theirs to taste.  We have a special treat for you at the end of this post that will take your tacos to the next level…be sure to read to the end!


More than just cheese and tortilla, quesadillas can open a world of different flavors and combinations.  In fact, quesadillas can even breathe new life into classic recipes like pizza and sloppy joes. Can’t imagine it?  Check out these great quesadilla ideas from Delish.


There are so many ways to incorporate fajitas into your menu.  You can always go traditional with chicken or steak and seasoned peppers and onions.  Then you can surprise your guests with something a bit outside of the tortilla…Steak Fajita Chili.  You won’t be able to put down the bowl. This dish incorporates the traditional steak, seasonings, and veggies while bringing it to you in a saucier way!

With so many options you can prepare yourself, why go out?! Stay home and create memories about the table!  Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Does Cinco De Mayo menu planning have you perplexed, contact About The Table to discuss us taking the hassle out of planning for this event or any others you may have coming up! We are glad to be a part of making memories!

Our Gift to You!

The About The Table Cilantro Lime Slaw is super easy and adds a fresh and crunchy option to the usual Cinco spread. It can go on top of chicken or fish tacos, with grilled shrimp, pork, or even lamb!

When preparing for a health-conscious guest, try using Greek Yogurt instead of the sour cream and mayo.

Cilantro Lime Slaw

1/2 C sour cream
1/2 C mayo
2 T olive oil
1 clove garlic
1/2 jalapeno pepper, seeds and ribs removed (leave them in if you want a spicier kick!)
1/4 – 1/3 C cilantro
fresh ground pepper
2 tsp lime zest
3 T lime juice
2 C shredded cabbage mix

In a food processor, process the sour cream, mayo, olive oil, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, a pinch of salt, a pinch of black pepper, lime zest, and lime juice until well combined. Place the cabbage in a mixing bowl and toss with about 3/4 cup of the sauce. Serve the remaining sauce on the side or as extra drizzle on tacos!


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