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We’re in the thick of winter with spring still months away, and that means only one thing around our dinner table: time for soup! We love soups because they are easy healthy meals that double as comfort food that’s good for you, and eating a little healthier is always on the mind.

However, getting a flavorful broth and base for any soup or even stew can sometimes be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re making one that isn’t cream-based. Here are a few of our favorite tips to amp up that flavor with little to no effort.

A box of broth goes a long way

Yes, homemade broth is better but who has time for that? A box of broth packs in plenty of flavor. We recommend the low-sodium variety and adding your seasoning to taste.

Were you gonna eat that parmesan rind?

The hard, nearly inedible rind from your wedge of parmesan adds some salt and umami to any soup! Simply throw it in, and try to fish it out before serving. (Alternatively, whoever gets the rind has to do the dishes!)

Pick a citrus, any citrus

Citrus is an age-old way to amp up the flavor without adding a ton of salt. We suggest sauteeing the zest with your veggies and squeezing the juice at the end after you’ve taken the soup off of the heat. For zesting, our favorite tool is a Microplane – it makes a very fluffy zest that seemingly melts into your dish! We would also like to encourage you to think outside of the lemon! Orange, lime or even blood orange can add something different!

Make it silkier without being milkier

An egg yolk, with just a little bit of care, can add a silkiness to any soup without loads of heavy cream. We like to quickly whisk the yolk with a squirt of lemon (however the lemon is optional), and then temper it before adding it to the soup once it’s off the heat and right before serving. To temper, take a ladle of soup broth and gently stream it into the yolk while whisking. Then, gently stir in the yolk/broth mixture into your soup.

If you’re looking for easy healthy meals but are just too swamped during the week, our home chef delivery service might be just the ticket. Each of our meals comes customized to you – whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian or on a specific dietary plan. Check out our pricing and give us a call to ask about what seasonal soups we’re serving up right now!

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