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Virtual Online Cooking Classes at About the Table

Sign-up for your virtual cooking classes today!

You asked for it, and we delivered! Grab your spot in one of our popular virtual cooking classes to learn new recipes, tips, and tricks in the comfort and safety of your home kitchen.

Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience cooking tasty, chef-proven recipes with guidance from Chef Bianca!

Our virtual cooking classes are perfect for:

  • Home chefs wanting to learn professional chef secrets or add new skills and dishes to your family's menu.
  • Newbies learning to cook for the first time.
  • Parents wanting to throw an online cooking event for a kids' birthday party, date night, or small gathering.
  • Business owners wanting to integrate corporate/team-building exercises into your employee's experience
  • School teachers and organizations wanting to expand your social studies or language courses with hands-on learning about food from different cultures.
  • Pinners wanting to turn their favorite Pinterest recipes into a reality.

In other words, online cooking classes are perfect for just about everyone interested in a safe, convenient outlet to create something delicious to eat while having fun!

Your Class Details

Virtual Online Cooking Classes at About the Table

What Happens After Registering for Your Class

After signing-up, you'll receive an email with your private Zoom link, recipes, shopping, and equipment list ahead of your 1.5-hour virtual class.

Class Size & Pricing:

  • $250 (minimum) for under 5 screens
  • $50 per screen for 6-9 screens
  • $45 per screen for 10-14 screens
  • $35 per screen for 15-19 screens
  • $30 per screen for 20-25 screens

Please call (302) 365-0143 or email with any questions about our virtual online classes.

Reserve Your Virtual Class

Let us know anything additional you think you'll need for your virtual class, and we'll take care of the rest. 

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Gather and Enjoy

Appreciate the ability to enjoy good food, quality conversation

and life's sweetest moments!

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