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Citrus chicken by personal chef services in to go containers

Personal Chef Services are a great way to save you the time, hassle and guesswork of putting dinner on the table every night. Here’s how it generally works: your personal chef will consult with you about any dietary needs and preferences you may have. Then, they prepare your meals (typically dinner, but breakfast and lunch are also options) either in your home or at a commercial kitchen. If prepared off-site, the chef will deliver your meals, often right to your refrigerator. Then all you do is heat and eat!

Personal Chef Services Save Time

We know that your time is important to you. Any preparation with meals from a personal chef is largely hands-off; typically it’s about twenty minutes or so in the oven. There’s no chopping, no stirring, no cooking. So you can help your children with their schoolwork, toss in a load of laundry, or simply enjoy some family time while your meal cooks instead of being stuck at the stove. It goes without saying that clean-up is also minimal.

The Food Is Typically Healthy

We’re all thinking about our health a little more these days. A personal chef naturally cooks food that’s better for you. Think about the type of meal you’d get at a fine dining restaurant. It’s typically a high-quality protein paired with seasonal vegetables and, sometimes, a heartier starch. The same holds true for personal chef services.

Menus are Custom

If you have any dietary restrictions, personal chef services take out ALL the guesswork. No reading labels, no substitutions. If you have special dietary needs, from being gluten-free to preferring a keto diet, a personal chef can accommodate you!

Less Frequent Grocery Trips

Heading to the store is always a chore. Where’s the time? You’re either stuck going on the weekend when it’s crowded or on a weeknight when you’re already extra busy. A personal chef does all the shopping for you – and they often use vendors that have more options than your regular grocer. Let the personal chef take care of everything!

It’s Not as Pricy as it Used to Be

Personal chefs used to be a service reserved for the uber-wealthy, however, that’s just not the case anymore. Additionally, more often than not the price works out to be equivalent if not a little less to either meal delivery kits (which you have to cook yourself) as well as restaurant delivery services. And of course, delivery is included in the price. So no added fees or tipping!

Learn more about how our meal delivery services can help you  answer that annoying little question that comes up every day: What’s for dinner?

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