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Food Delivery App or Prepared Meal Delivery: You Be the Judge

Food Delivery App or Prepared Meal Service: You Be the Judge

At the end of a day, juggling work and family schedules, the magical words quick and easy often become the primary motivators for deciding what…

personal chef services weight loss feet standing on a scale

2020’s Trending Diet Breakdown

We quarantined. We stress baked. And now, our pants are tighter. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re in every aspect of this crazy year…

prepared meal delivery patio recipe for margaritas

5 Great Ways to Patio Up This Summer

Spring this year was a bit of a blur, with stay-at-home orders making the days blend together more than we’d like to admit. As things…

how to throw a dinner party on zoom birthday cake on a phone call

How to Throw a Dinner Party on Zoom

We’ve learned a lot during the recent stay at home orders; how to make sourdough, how to school our children while simultaneously working and holding…

Citrus chicken by personal chef services in to go containers

5 Advantages of Hiring Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services are a great way to save you the time, hassle and guesswork of putting dinner on the table every night. Here’s how…

Rice and beans recipe on a plate with garnishes

How to Make the Best Rice and Beans

There’s something inherently comforting about rice and beans. Maybe it’s because most cuisines the world over have their own version. Or, maybe it’s because rice…

6 Simple Tools to Take Your Recipes to the Next Level

As a personal chef in Wilmington and Middletown, DE, I have had plenty of exposure to different kitchen utensils. Looking for new kitchenware can be…

Grilling Tips for the Summer

Grilling season, otherwise known as summer time, is officially HERE! Grills of all shapes and sizes are out in full effect.  Self-proclaimed grill masters are…

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