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prepared meal delivery patio recipe for margaritas

Spring this year was a bit of a blur, with stay-at-home orders making the days blend together more than we’d like to admit. As things slowly begin to open up, we may not all be ready to hit the restaurant scene ASAP. (Or if we are, we may not be able to get a table!)

However, the warm summer evenings are calling out to us – particularly after a long winter spent indoors extended into a very long spring. It’s time to dust off that patio furniture and patio up in style! Here are our favorite ways to take your patio game up a notch.

Summer-Friendly Prepared Meal Delivery

Casserole season is officially out! It’s time to lighten things up with your arsenal of salad recipes. But alas! You’ve been cooking 3 meals a day for the past 3 months. It’s time for a break. Check out our personal chef services. We have several menu items that are perfect for dining outside on a warm summer night, like chicken and edamame salad, farro salad with pesto, tomatoes and zucchini, or lentil tuna salad. Our broccoli salad also serves as the perfect complement to a summer barbecue!

Get Into Outdoor Gaming

We all went through “the puzzle phase” of quarantine. Spice up your outdoor time with a new game or two. Whether you’re channeling the Queen of Hearts with a game of croquet or learning something new with a bocce ball set, having a game to play gives your evening a point of interest. Loser does the dishes.

Snag Some Comfy Lawn Furniture

Making sure you have a comfortable place to sit outdoors is key to making the most of patio weather. If buying new patio furniture isn’t in your current budget, camp chairs make an inexpensive and comfortable. (Not to mention they usually come equipped with cupholders.) The best part? They fold up easily to store in the garage when not in use.

Get Grilling

Speaking of barbecue, isn’t grilling great? Summer isn’t summer without a barbecue! Starting now, all summer long our prepared meal delivery clients can order pre-marinated meats. No looking up recipes or running to the store for a last-minute spice – our grill packs come ready-made to throw on the grill and enjoy! Pick your protein (beef, pork or chicken) and one of our unique marinades: Chipotle Lime, Basil Pesto, Asian BBQ, Caribbean or Jerk, Curry & Yogurt, or Teriyaki.


Nothing screams “Cocktails!” more than summertime outdoors! We like how a good craft Kolsch pairs with barbecue for a beer option. But really our hearts are with a well-slung cocktail. Our favorite summer sippers are usually fruity or herbaceous and heavily iced. What are we drinking these days? Margaritas. If we can’t actually go to Mexico for summer vacation, we can at least make a solid ‘rita and pretend. Here’s our recipe:

2 oz top-shelf tequila (I like a Reposado or Anejo)
1 oz Grand Marnier
1.5 oz lime juice, or more to taste
1 1/2 cups ice
finely grated lime zest
lime slice or wedge

On a small plate combine the lime zest and a sprinkle of tajin and mix well. Run the lime slice around the rim of a wide-mouthed glass to moisten it, then turn the glass upside down and press the rim in the tajin mixture. Set glass aside.

In a cocktail shaker combine all remaining ingredients and shake well to chill. Pour into the prepared glass and serve immediately.
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