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Mom Cooking w/ Kids

Its time for school…that phrase creates a complicated mix of emotions for parents.

On one hand, you are ecstatic! The kids are headed back to school. You no longer have to worry about finding camps and activities to fill their days or keep the kitchen stocked to the brim for all the hungry snackers who prowl the kitchen cabinets throughout the day.

On the other hand, back to school puts your ability to be a “Master Balancer” to the test! From figuring out how to provide consistent healthy and filling lunches and dinners, after school clubs, homework, sports and just trying to let your kids be kids, it never seems like there is enough time in the day.

Being a “Master Balancer” requires a certain level of organization and meal planning can help make your daily routine easier.  Here are a few tips to help you rule the day with your awesome meal planning skills:

Group Cooking ClassesPlanning for the Week
Its hard to do but if you can take a few minutes during the weekend to plan out several meals and lunch ideas for the upcoming week it will cut down on your “decision time”.  What’s decision time you ask? It’s the time spent answering the dreaded question – “What’s for dinner?”  This will also allow you the ability to do one grocery store run instead of several pop up visits throughout the week.

Theme Days
Pick a day or two to serve as Theme days.  These are days like “Meatless Monday” or “Taco Tuesday”.  You can prepare for theme days and everyone in the house knows what’s for dinner.  You can also carry this over into your lunch planning and get creative with your lunches.

If your lack of meal preparation is still holding you back, consider letting About The Table manage it for you!  Sometimes you are all out of inspiration and that’s ok, you have a lot on your mind as it is.  That is why using our personal chef services can give you time back to your day to allocate to other things like washing dirty jerseys and helping out with homework. We can provide prepared, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Just imagine, you wake up and grab a breakfast frittata muffin.  Then on your way out the door you and the kids grab your quinoa salad and when you get home a full meal of mushroom and spinach lasagna rolls is waiting for you!

For those out there looking to be Master Balancers, About The Table would like to help.  Throughout the month of September we are providing 1 (one) complimentary meal with your first service for new clients.  Contact us today to sign up!

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