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Back To School Scrabble Tiles with Lunch

It is back to school time and time to talk about a few dinner #momfails! Going back to school can bring a certain amount of peace and order back to the house. But it also means crazy schedule time which makes your job as a mom/parent just plain hard.  Of course, no one cares that when the kiddo steps off the bus at 4:30pm it is nearly impossible to accomplish the laundry list of to dos like fixing a snack, homework, extra curricular activities, making dinner, chores, etc.  And somehow these superwomen and men get it done! Below are a few #MomFails or #ParentFails (because it doesn’t just happen to moms!).

Grocery Shopping Fail

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Trying to fit in suitable grocery shopping, let alone the meal prep that comes afterwards.  Plenty of services are available that allow you to order online, but doesn’t it just drive you crazy to plan your meal, receive your grocery order, think you are winning, and then discover that they left off a bag or forgot one of the key ingredients for tonight’s dinner?!  There is an easier way…meal delivery which equals less grocery shopping for you!

TV Dinner Fail

Not every day do you have the energy to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal but you want to.  On social media you constantly see these amazing dishes made by moms that seem to have it all together cooking everyday in their fancy aprons.  Guess what…it’s not that easy lol.  If you look down from time to time and feel that pang of guilt that your energy level will only allow you enough to fix those not so healthy tv dinners, don’t feel bad! Sometimes it takes everything you have to feel the hungry mass of people called your family.  But there is a better way…try personal chef services and enjoy stocked refrigerators when you come home.

Snack…What Snack Fail

Back to school brings starving kiddos rummaging through your kitchen ready to devour the first edible thing in sight.  Trying to find the time to prepare snacks that are healthy, fulfilling, and yummy is not an easy task.  Between completing your own responsibilities then rounding up the kids and preparing dinner AND snack can be overwhelming to anyone’s day.  However, you guessed it, there is help…ever considered healthy food delivery options?

Back To School with About The Table!

So where is the help with back to school craziness you ask, it’s here with About The Table.  We are armed with deliciously nutritious snack options and hearty dinner menu options included in our prepared meal delivery and personal chef services to solve all of these fails and more!  With our services we partner with you to create a custom menu focused on identifying dishes that your family loves while ensuring the nutritional and dietary needs are met.   Contact us today to get started so the school year can be breeze!

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