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It has been one full month of school and extracurricular activities and it is time to take a pulse!  How is it going?

  • Are you tired more than usual?
  • Do you find that you and your family are eating out more and less healthy?
  • Are you and your family spending less time together?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, you are not alone.  Many families are feeling the stress of the kids going back to school and back to sports.   Time on school nights is scarce with the addition of after school sporting events and activities.  Often, the schedules of the kids are more complex than that of the parents.  With more complex schedules comes the need to be more organized in its entirety but especially around meal planning.  If you haven’t mastered your family schedule yet, we have a few ideas that may help you eat healthy and gain a little more time to the day.


Create snack packs the night before.

Take a few minutes in the evening to create small snack packs with fruits and vegetables like blueberries and celery.  Then you can add in foods that are high in vitamins and minerals like hummus.  Hummus is a great snack option for the young athletes since it is a great source of protein.

Meal Planning

Planning your meals in advance can help save time with grocery shopping and meal preparation.  Spending an extra bit of time creating a weekly meal plan will allow you to plan healthier meals and save time taking extra trips to the store when you forget your special ingredient.

Meal Delivery

If you are looking at your family’s schedule and still cannot figure out how to add in the tasks needed to successfully meal plan, then consider meal delivery.  Meal delivery allows you the flexibility to create a customized menu balancing what your family wants with healthy dishes prepared by the expert hands of a chef. These meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients, packaged, and delivered to your home – ready to eat!

If you are ready to gain time, peace of mind, and bring your family back to the table, give us a call to start your meal delivery service.  We will make sure you have the variety you need to keep everyone happy while spending less time in the kitchen!

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