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October is in full swing, which means that fall leaves are painting trees and the season of cozy dinner parties has commenced. For some of you, hosting a dinner party is nothing new and an exciting undertaking. For others, dinner party hosting feels like an impossible task. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or first-timer, here are some helpful dinner party hosting tips that cover everything from dinner party table setting ideas to dinner table flowers. Happy entertaining!


Let’s talk table settings… 

Dinner party table settings and tablescapes are the focal point of any event and can be reimagined for every hosting season. Christmas table settings can incorporate more tones of glitter and gold, while Easter table settings can play with soft pastels. The trick to determining a theme for a table settings is knowing the occasion. Is it a casual get together with friends? A baby shower? Fall feast?

Whatever the occasion, table settings at dinner parties should have a centerpiece. Hostesses should determine what will catch the eye of their guests. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns or themes. Themes could include seasonal, formal, industrial, flowery, etc. Dinner party centerpieces can range from a standout flower arrangement, to mix and match dishes, hanging bistro lights, or decorative table runners.

One table setting decoration that never goes out of style and works for all themes is a lace table runner. White lace table runners provide a simple and clean starting point to then dress up the table. They work for fall dinner parties, wedding showers and everything in between. Lace table runners can be dressed up with elegant chargers and white dinner plates, accented with clusters of votive candles or bathed in blush pink florals.


What candles should you use?

When throwing a dinner party and considering what to include in your tablescapes, candles are a must. They add a warm ambiance that sets the mood for the dinner party. There are many types of candles that can be used for different occasions. Deciding the type of candles depends on the theme of the party. If you’re hosting a fancy dinner party, white or ivory tapers are considered the most appropriate. They don’t have strong scents and add a level of formality to the table. An important thing to consider if using tapers is to ensure that they aren’t too tall as to interrupt your guests’ line of sight.

For more casual, outdoor dinner parties, consider using white or beeswax yellow votive candles. Votive candles are nice because they are versatile. Votive candles can be placed in clusters and lined along the table, they burn longer and can be placed in mason jars or small glasses.


Simple Flower Arrangements

If you don’t consider yourself a professional florist and don’t want to hire one, don’t worry. There are plenty of simple flower arrangements that you can do at home. Just like fruit, flowers have seasons. When throwing a dinner party, consider what flowers are in season. Spring flowers include daffodils, lilacs and tulips. Summer seasons have sunflowers and peonies. A popular option when hosting a summer dinner party is doing a mason jar flower arrangement by buying flowers from the store and divvying them up in mason jars, vases or cans.

Other simple flower arrangements include collecting a variety of roses, trimming the stems, and placing them in small vases along the table. Aim for arrangements that have sturdy branches but are light and airy as opposed to a tight mound. Like tapers, make sure your flower arrangements are low enough so they don’t block eye contact between guests.


Music Selection

Now that your dinner party table setting ideas are in order, it’s important to consider dinner party songs. Adding background music to your dinner party makes it all the more festive. Consider making a dinner party music playlist before the event so it can play uninterrupted.

A general tip for dinner party music: Don’t make it too loud. Whether you’re hosting in a patio outside or in a living room, no one wants to shout over music. Have it add to the atmosphere, not overpower it.

If you don’t want to assemble your own playlist, Spotify has a variety of dinner and cocktail party playlists already made. Having different playlists for each part of the evening is a nice touch. One playlist for when guests arrive, one for sitting down and eating, and one for post-dinner chatting and drinking.  


So now that you have mastered the art of table setting and creating the perfect ambiance, there is only one last thing to tackle..the food! While you focus on hosting your friends and family for your special event, let us take care and serve you. Visit our catering page to find out how we can create a completely customized experience for you and your guests.

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