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5 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for the Garden and Food Lover

Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it honors the first special woman in almost everyone’s life – their mom. While many of us have close relationships with our moms, we still struggle to discover unique Mother’s Day gifts that accurately reflect how much we appreciate her.

The standard flowers, candy, and a card are lovely, and no doubt your mother would graciously and gratefully receive them. Still, if you want to surprise her with something exceptional this year, we’re here to help you.

That’s why…

We’ve curated this list of five unique Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love to garden and enjoy good food.

And these ideas aren’t for moms alone – just like Mother’s Day doesn’t need to strictly include mothers. Many other women have played a “mothering” role – guiding, comforting, loving, and cherishing you throughout your life. Consider including your aunt, grandmother—or whoever you want to bask in your affection.

Idea #1 – Gardening Tools:

Does your mom dream of cultivating a garden and has space but lacks the proper tools to make it a reality? A tool bag or carrying case full of gardening tools, knee pads, and various organic seed packets may be the catalyst for getting her hand back in the dirt. Pair that with a wide-brimmed sun hat and some pretty gardening gloves (Accessories are everything!). Then, offer to spend a day visiting local plant nurseries or help her weed and prepare her flower or garden beds.

Idea #2 – Herb Tower:

If your mom lives in the city and needs to conserve space, an herb tower is an excellent way for her to grow herbs indoors or on a balcony. With her green thumb, and your gift, she might not have to buy as many fresh herbs from the grocery store, and the tower will provide a nice splash of greenery to her living space. Add a small watering can and herb seedlings – or purchase young herbs or microgreens in adorable little pots, labeled with caring instructions – as the perfect accompaniment for this gift.

Idea #3 – Organic Tea Gift Set:

Organic teas make for a soothing present for your mom to enjoy while having some much-needed “me time.” Chef Bianca is a fan of Teatulia for two reasons. First, it is an eco- and environmentally-friendly company. And next, because the company gives moms across the globe a means to lift their families from cycles of poverty by providing them with work, innovative education, and cattle-lending programs.

Idea #4 – Embossed Garden Journal:

Does your mom enjoy maintaining a written record of her garden? Perhaps she dreams and sketches out garden layouts and plans in the cold winter months. Or maybe she would want a place to maintain a list of her garden’s successes and failures, what she’s learned about each plant’s needs, watering and fertilizing schedules, and so on. If so, a beautiful garden journal embossed with her name or her favorite quote. It’s something she would treasure and reread for years to come as she

Idea #5 – About the Table Gift Card:

There is no one more deserving of a break from cooking than your mom. Give her a gift card for personal chef services to let her know how thankful you are for the many meals she planned, prepared, and served you. From beef stroganoff to spinach and butternut squash lasagna, you can customize any of our menus, and we have gift cards for any amount you choose. We do all the work, and she gets to enjoy a from-scratch meal made just for her.

No matter what you choose to gift your mom this Mother’s Day, the most important thing is that when your mom lays her head on the pillow that night, she feels loved, seen, and appreciated.

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