Our healthy prepared meals will remind you how important your table is and to gather round it.

Who needs a Personal Chef?

  • Busy families on the go with no time or desire to cook.
  • Those who are on a health conscious diet regimen.
  • New parents who may not have the time to cook after their new arrival.
  • Patients recovering from surgery who need to be off their feet.
  • People who want a great meal that is healthier than take out and faster than delivery.

We can customize any meal plan to fit your family’s needs.

How does a Personal Chef Service Work?

  • We begin with an initial consultation; this will be at your home. We will discuss your likes & dislikes and any specific dietary needs and allergies. Together we will complete a questionnaire which will help me to plan your menus.
  • I will produce a draft lunch and dinner menus, complete with pricing, which I will send to you for your comments.
  • We will then agree a final menu plan.
  • On the agreed date I will cook your food at your home. All the food will be clearly labeled and stored in your refrigerator or freezer.
  • All food will be supplied with heating instructions.

Click Here For Sample Menus and Meal Options

Bianca’s Personal Chef Service has become a vital part of my life. Her meals are always so fresh and delicious and very kind to my waistline too! I feel like a celebrity every time I take a bite!

– (Michelle, Health conscious working professional, Wilmington, DE)
Creative, fresh, flavorful… great value. You’re wasting your time and money if you dine out or think you can prep dinner/lunch portions better than Chef B. Best money spent each month!

– (Ryan, Working Dad of 3, Newark, DE)