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Simple Tools To Take Recipes To Next Level

As a personal chef in Wilmington and Middletown, DE, I have had plenty of exposure to different kitchen utensils. Looking for new kitchenware can be an intimidating process, especially considering all the items that are on the market. Teaching cooking classes and catering events in the Wilmington and Middletown areas has helped me gain a deep understanding of the best kitchen utensils available. I have narrowed down my six favorite kitchen tools that will give your cooking skills a noticeable boost and take your recipes to the next level!

1) Shun Cutlery Chef Knife

A good chef knife is the #1 most essential tool in any kitchen. Without a professional chef knife, you cannot take your food preparation to the next level. I personally use Shun cutlery in my home and for my personal chef business. A sharp knife gives you more control, which leads to more consistent cuts and slices. It offers versatility, whether you’re working with vegetables or meats. Chef knifes are ideal for dicing, chopping, slicing or mincing. Check this one out here.

Chef's Knife

2) Pepper Grinder

Finding the best pepper grinder you can is essential because fresh cracked black pepper adds a robust flavor and aroma to any recipe that you just can’t get with pre-ground pepper. The best pepper mill is one that gives you different settings that allow you to switch from course to find ground pepper, depending on the flavor that you are looking for. This will aide you no matter what the recipe calls for. Check this one out here.

3) Microplane

A microplane zester or microplane grater is probably one of my all-time favorite kitchen tools. I use this for mincing garlic, zesting citrus, or grating fresh ginger. You can also use it to elevate your dishes by grating fresh cheeses like Parmesan or Romano over the finished product. I also prefer to buy whole spices, like nutmeg, and use the microplane for a kick of freshly ground spices. Adding fresh nutmeg or cinnamon is a great, simple way to elevate the flavor of your coffee in the morning. Check it out here.

4) Ramekins

While they may not seem like it, ramekins are a very versatile tool in any kitchen. You can use them to prep any recipe, but they are also great for individual servings like soups, desserts, or pies. I also like to use them when assembling a charcuterie board for olives, dried fruits or nuts! They are also helpful when cooking a meal that requires a lot of toppings like chili, Hawaiian haystacks or tacos. I like these.

5) Hand Blender

I believe that the best hand blender is a 3 in 1 kitchen tool that has a variety of attachments depending on what you’re cooking. The immersion blender attachment helps me easily cook any soup or sauce recipe. The whisk attachment helps me create the perfect whipped cream for any dessert. Yum! The mini chopper works great for chopping garlic, nuts or mirepoix! Hand blenders help integrate the cooking process and create minimal work for the chef! Check this one out here.

3 in 1 blender

6) Citrus Press

I love a citrus press because it’s essentially two tools in one. The best citrus press helps extract fresh citrus juice from the hard to squeeze lemons and limes, without having to fish out the pesky lemon seeds by hand. Fresh citrus helps elevate any recipe, whether it’s in a salad dressing, margarita or lemon water. I’ve found that it’s an easy tool for kids to use to better participate in the cooking process. Check this one out here.

Now that you’ve received cooking tips from a chef in Wilmington and Middletown, Delaware, it’s time for you to put these kitchen utensils to the test and level up your cooking skills!

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