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What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by cooking with tequila? Aside from the mixed drinks we normally enjoy on this day, tequila can also be incorporated into many different recipes to keep with the festive theme while also making a delicious dish!

Cooking with tequila is a great way to bring out all of the best flavors in any recipe. Tequila has the ability to bind food compounds and rapidly evaporate, making your meal smell and taste even better! When cooking with alcohol, you’re left with a flavorful dish with a twist.

Use More Tequila This Cinco de Mayo

Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, cooking with tequila is a great way to celebrate the holiday. You can easily incorporate it into salad dressings, marinades, sauces or desserts.

Tequila especially pairs great with rich chocolate, making chocolate margaritas a popular mixed drink. It’s also great, paired with lime, to marinate meats for the grill!

Here Are Some of Our Favorite Tequila Dishes 

Anything containing fruit!

Tequila is great for dishes containing fruit, as the sweetness of the fruit really balances out the strength of tequila. Many people use tequila in fruit salad, as a filling for cake or pie, or even in fruit sorbet!

Try adding some tequila to whipped cream to top off your favorite dessert and give it a new taste. The possibilities are endless when it comes to desserts and treats.


Tequila paired with lime or lemon is great for marinating meats. This goes for plenty of different meats, as well! From pork to chicken to shrimp and steak, whatever you’re planning to grill up for Cinco de Mayo, there’s a marinade to bring out the best flavors for you.

With meats, you can even experiment with types of tequila. Different types bring different flavors to the table, which can be fun for trying new recipes. 


Much like vodka sauce, tequila can be used in sauces as well! We love to use tequila in a spicy queso or creamy sauce, perfect for chips or to pair with pasta. You can even use this sauce with tacos or fajitas to add a new flavor to your traditional meal! 

Tequila can also be used in BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and salsa. Try finding a recipe just in time for Cinco de Mayo to wow your guests with the difference tequila can make in a recipe!

If you want to do more cooking with tequila, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your menu, we can help! Our catering services can make tequila the centerpiece of your Cinco de Mayo celebration—or any occasion, for that matter. Contact us today to learn more!

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