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When it comes to springtime, the possibilities for dishes are endless! Living in the Northeast and facing harsh, cold winters, it’s only natural that we spend more time indoors and develop a lack of motivation for hosting extravagant family get-togethers that aren’t as easy to manage indoors.

Luckily, Spring is upon us, and so is the season of picnics, outdoor dinner parties, barbecues, and other fun events. Now’s the perfect time to showcase your culinary skills and wow your friends and family with some unique dishes that somehow taste even better when the weather is warmer.

Here are 5 dishes to help you spring into Spring!

1. Lemon Artichoke Hummus

This dish is perfect for spring since it contains fresh fruits and vegetables you can either pick up at the store or potentially pick right out of your garden. Start with a can of chickpeas as a base and add tahini, a clove of garlic, a squeeze of lemon, and blend. Then, add some artichokes and you’re left with the perfect springtime dish!

The best part of this is you can alter it to fit your and your guests’ preferences. No matter what you decide to add into it to make it unique, this is a simple dish sure to be a hit at your next event!

2. Cucumber Salad (with a twist!)

Another great dish for springtime involves cucumber, dill, feta, and… pistachios! This is a simple yet delicious dish that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Simply chop up some cucumbers and sprinkle with dill, feta, and pistachios then mix in your choice of vinaigrette.

Just be sure to hold off on adding the pistachios until the end, so they don’t go bad before the party starts!

3. Spring Minestrone 

Who doesn’t love spring soup? We love the idea of using fresh ingredients like spinach, peas, leeks, and fennel, to make a delicious combination of tastes perfect for warmer spring days. For this recipe, you’ll need to grind coriander seeds, fennel seeds, and peppercorns in a spice mill very coarsely. Then, cook oil, garlic, and ground spices over medium heat until the garlic is softened. 

Next, you’ll want to add scallions and lemon zest and let cook for 5 minutes before adding 6 cups of water and letting it boil. Then, add leeks, fennel bulb and stalks, beans, and sugar snap peas, reduce the heat, and let simmer for 5 minutes. Finally, add spinach, English peas, miso, and cook until spinach is wilted.

4. Oven-Roasted Asparagus

Oven-roasted asparagus is a simple, quick recipe for springtime – and can even be cooked in the air fryer! Simply line your asparagus up on a flat tray, whether you opt for air fryer or oven, and coat with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and parmesan cheese

These are the perfect snack and can even be paired with potatoes for a filling dinner. No matter which way you enjoy them, we know this will be a recipe you use frequently this spring!

5. Spring Peas and Pancetta

The perfect dishes to take on the go, spring peas and pancetta are as tasty as they are convenient. On medium-high heat, sauté pancetta for 5 minutes, leaving the drippings in the pan once finished. Add garlic and onion to the pan and sauté for another 2 minutes before adding peas, salt, sugar, and chicken broth. 

Once finished, feel free to serve up your dish or pack it up and bring it with you to your next event or party. This simple, delicious dish is the perfect recipe to wow your friends and family with!

Feel free to add in some of your own favorite seasonings to give this recipe a twist of your own. Remember, you’re the head chef of your own kitchen, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

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