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The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and there is no better way to eat up the good stuff than with a good old-fashioned charcuterie board. 

Football sits on a grassy field.

Here at About The Table, we love teaching people how to make charcuterie boards themselves, and we love using local Delaware products whenever possible! For this year’s Super Bowl throwdown, Chef Bianca and Chef Caroline went head to head to see who could make the best board.

Here’s what went into making them and each Chef’s best tips on making your own. 

Simple Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Tips (Using Local Delaware Foods) 

First Up, The Meats

Chef Bianca recommends a classic charcuterie platter that includes 3-4 types of meat for a small crowd and 4-5 types of meat for a larger group.

Charcuterie board meats sit on cutting board.

 For her own charcuterie board, she included classic and easy-to-find pepperoni. But if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to check out Maiale Deli & Salumeria

Featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive’s, shop owner Maiale is often hailed as the “Sausage King of Delaware.” They offer ten different types of salami, all hand-crafted right here in The First State. And while you are shopping, you can check out their over 30 varieties of sausage.  

Chef Caroline also recommends including tried-and-true salami on your board – it is a must – but she throws in some more complex meat profiles. Why? Because throwing in a few appetizers puts a spin on the traditional charcuterie board. 

Take, for example, her addition of chorizo and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with balsamic glaze. Or what about adding a chicken wing board to your lineup? These one-and-done additions are practically an entire meal in your mouth! 


The same party food guidelines apply for serving sizes in cheeses. There are many cheese flavors and textures you can include, but Chef Bianca always suggests you include a semi-soft, firm, creamy, crumbly (did someone just say blue cheese?), and/or smoked flavor profile. 

(Psst… we also highly recommend our Bedda Chedda Dip where walnuts and bacon are the star of the show!) 

Cheeses are a must-have on your Super Bowl charcuterie board.

For her board, Chef Bianca included artisan cheeses such as Boursin Cheese, manchego, and pepper jack cheese. Caroline also chose Boursin but added cheddar cheese to the mix. 

If you want to source your cheeses from local Delawarean farmers, we suggest checking out Wilmington’s own M. Fierro’s

This Italian market is situated right in the heart of Little Italy. They are known for their Neopolitan-style ricotta (which we recommend for any charcuterie board!), but you can also grab a few specialty items such as scamorza, a southern Italian favorite (and you know that About the Table is passionate about our Italian roots!). 


Chef Bianca recommends having a variety of different flavor profiles like sweet (honey, jam, fruit, or how about adding some football-themed sugar cookies?), salty (crackers/nuts), and tangy or acidic (olives, pickled veggies). 

Super bowl-themed cookies.

Of course, using dip bowls makes your board not only better organized but gorgeous. And for a Super Bowl charcuterie? You need a football bowl, of course! It’s on theme and perfect for keeping ingredients you want to highlight front and center.  

Bianca’s board includes grapes, baby carrots, Persian cucumbers, sesame honey cashews, golden round crackers, and chocolate-covered pretzels. Both Chefs love honey from Delaware’s own The Local Buzz

In keeping with her appetizer approach, Chef Caroline opted for dark chocolate-dipped strawberries (with white laces like a football, no less!) as well as marinated mozzarella balls and cherry tomato skewers. 

Dipping bowls allow an easy display of food that is sure to score a touchdown on your Super Bowl charcuterie board.

Chef Bianca also highlights green goddess dip on her board. Invented by the resident chef of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel in the 1920s, it honored actor George Arliss. “The Green Goddess” is the name of the movie the actor was filming while he stayed at the hotel.  The original version of the dressing included chives, parsley, white wine vinegar, anchovy filets, sour cream, and mayonnaise. But we adore this recipe from No Crumbs Left. It throws tarragon and basil into the mix! 

Learn How To Make A Charcuterie Board

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our approach to making a simple Super Bowl charcuterie board. Now that you’ve learned a few basics we love adding to our own boards, are you ready to make one of your own? Learn from the best through one of our interactive virtual cooking classes

Led by our own Chef Bianca, you will learn how to build a charcuterie board that is not only visually stunning but one that is uniquely you. Learn how to feature fresh, high-quality ingredients, how to size things appropriately, and how to satisfy a range of flavor profiles. We’ll even cover a few of our own secret recipes if you want, but you have to promise not to tell!

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